Wedding Photography – Style

Most wedding photographers will give you a brief description of there style somewhere on their website. It’s important to know which styles that you prefer when searching for your photographer. Don’t ever hire a photographer based only on his/her images. Ask lots of questions while interviewing them about their approach to shooting weddings. Do they let the day unfold in front of them or are they constantly directing you. It’s important to know ahead of time, because this could wreck your day. An example would be if your photographer is pulls you away from the reception to get more images, when all you really want is candid images of you and your friends having a good time at the party.

Over the past few years there has been a shift toward a more photojournalistic approach, using available light and lenses with short depth of field. I think these types of images can be beautiful and really do set a romantic tone for the images. Having a great location for the ceremony and the reception really helps to get the best of these types of shots. Churches and reception locations that are flooded with natural light are ideal if these are the kinds of images that you are looking for.

I also find some of the more traditional formal pictures to be just as beautiful and romantic. The key is finding a fantastic location. That can be in the church or a separate location, or maybe a little bit of both. A great spot to do the formal family pictures is right where the ceremony took place. The altar of the church or the spot where the vows were said work well. If you get married in a church, the altar is usually a little bit elevated, which is helpful when trying to arrange a large group so that the image looks balanced and everyone can be seen.

When looking for an outdoor location for formals, I look for someplace that is simple and elegant. You want the location to compliment the wedding party, not consume it.

Having 2 photographers is another great way of blending both candid images and traditional posed images. While one photographer is getting the more posed shots, the second shooter can be getting all the fun behind the scenes pictures. The kinds of pictures where you didn’t even know you were being photographed.

The most important thing to remember when hiring a photographer is to know what styles you like best, and then making sure your photographer is on the same page. Preparing a list of must have shots and giving that to your photographer ahead of time is another great way to ensure you get what you want.

Buffalo Weddings-Rain & Joe


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Rain and Joe had a phenomenal mid-December day for their wedding. St Peter and Paul in Hamburg was beautiful and everyone out at Immaculate Conception Banquet Room did an amazing jog. The HIt Men provided great music and entertainment for the entire night.